“I was lucky enough to grow up singing, dancing and bounding around the country performing, going to music parties and feeling safe where ever music filled the room. As a child, I believed that everyone sang and played instruments or were storytellers, dancers or artists of some sort. I still believe that they are.”

  • Happy March!

    What a sweet year it’s been thus far. Lots of music, good food and snow. I’m happy to say that the spring season of my community chorus (WACC) here in Asheville has started off with a bang and despite the snow we’ve had a great turn out for the season. Mark your calendars for our concerts May 1, 2 and 3rd!

    The Starry Mountain Singers will be hitting the road again in May for a short tour in New England for a CD release tour. We recorded a new cd a few months back and we’re working on the graphics and mastering! Check out our new website to pre order the new cd!

    I’ve been enjoying being cozy at home this winter, sitting by the wood stove working on a quilt project and playing music. It’s gonna be a grand year and I hope to see you here in the mountains or down the road.

  • Thanks for supporting all my musical and dancing adventures and happy end of Fall!